Across the country, budget constraints for the nation's court systems are at an all-time high. With this in mind, several systems are looking for ways to reduce the cost of the legal service. One potential remedy that is being discussed in many circles is DAR, or digital audio recording. DAR is the use of a device to make an aural recording of a deposition or court proceedings that will be used to replace the physical transcript normally produced by a court reporter. Is this the way of the future?

Most people would think that court reporting is mainly a technical skill, but the real-time nature of the job means that performing on a daily basis can take its toll. With most court reporters in California facing long working hours and the piling on of new assignments, the stress of effective performance on the job can quickly accumulate. Using the following tips will help a reporter deal with their stress and be better mentally prepared while they are working.

The situation for courts in the state of California is not getting any brighter. In response to the ongoing layoffs that are taking more public court reporters out of a job, new insights into the problems that are plaguing the California courts system are starting to come to light. One such problem may be how funds meant for court reporters are not actually reaching their desired end. A recent piece of investigative journalism found that these funds could be used for other purposes.

Twitter is one of the fastest growing and most popular social media networks in existence today. Unlike Facebook which is used predominantly to share photos, status updates, and other news with friends and family members, Twitter is used quite often as a marketing device. Many people follow other Twitter users who they have never met. Celebrities and politicians use Twitter to communicate ideas, share articles, and keep the public updated on the latest happenings. Businesses, too, have found a unique use for Twitter.

A deposition is a preliminary conversation between attorneys, legal parties, and witnesses. Usually, the deposition given by key witnesses is simply used to generate information and allow opposing counsel to know the direction that the prosecuting attorneys are taking in the legal procedure. However, sometimes witnesses in a deposition can present a very real problem for attorneys.

In recent years nursing homes have been trying to circumvent the tort system through arbitration clauses.  Large nursing home chains have been known to pioneer this movement, introducing draconian provisions that require residents to waive their constitutional rights in order to gain admittance to their facility.  This type of bartering seeks to deprive victims of nursing home abuse of the right to claim damages.

Social media today is affecting the way people interact with one another, share information, update each other on life events, and connect with friends, family members, and even strangers. Today, a huge percentage of daily social interactions occur without ever having to see a person face-to-face. Because social media is largely considered to be a private and personal networking platform, many consumers do not realize just how public the information shared via social media really is. When you post something on a social media network site, you are creating readily available information.

Many legal firms and judicial courts across the nation are becoming concerned with the apparent lack of qualified and experienced court reporters available for public cases. The number of court reporters currently working in this country has rapidly declined in the past few years, and this number is likely to stay low for the next several years.

Januvia, a once-daily prescription medication that helps to lower blood sugar levels for individuals with type 2 diabetes, was first introduced to the market in 2006.  It was hailed as the first in a new class of drugs that break down the proteins responsible for stimulating the insulin production after a meal thereby preventing spikes in blood sugar glucose levels.  Despite the good results experienced by the majority of patients prescribed this medication, by the year 2009 the FDA had received reports of acute pancreatitis in patients on a regimen of Januvia. There were 88 reported cases

Within the past year the U.S. FDA has received several allegations citing the popular high performance energy drink, Monster, as the reason behind the death of 5 people since 2009.   In each of the five cases all were reported as having consumed Monster right before they died.  According to the FDA all reports are still being investigated and therefore only allegations.  For the families of the victims however the claim is substantiated and their hope is to educate the public about the potential risks of energy drinks.


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