In September 2012 the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported on civil and criminal healthcare fraud cases based on analysis of report from 2010 data compiled from various agencies responsible for investigating and pursuing healthcare fraud.

The Mississippi Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the defendant in controversial Slip and Fall Case at Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport.

An Air Force doctor, filed suit against the airport after falling down two stories of wet aluminum steps in the airport while attempting to board a plane.

Technology is an ever evolving entity providing more intuitive ways for professionals to network with one another.  For court reporting firms the prospect of being able to network with affiliate firms is huge as it enables both firms to accommodate their client’s needs in an effective and efficient manner while maintaining a cap on travel expenses.  Thanks to modern technology firms having the need to host depositions in other cities can now contact affiliate firms and arrange for a court reporter and/or legal videographer to be present and provide a complete transcript of the proceedings.

It’s happening again, that time of year when the season blows in crisp autumn breezes and many are thinking of candy, pumpkins, and trick or treating. It is the perfect time of year to participate in the 2nd annual HG Pumpkin Carving Contest. Firms are invited to enter their most creative, and artistic designs online in order to win the grand prize!

Who Can Participate and How to Sign Up

Anyone who's been to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington can surely attest to its opulence, but are there possible legal issues at work in some of the design choices? It seems the answer is yes. In a lawsuit filed in late August 2012 by Jannelle Carrillo, the plaintiff alleges that while sitting on a bench outside the billion-dollar stadium, she received 3rd degree burns. Obviously, many people will quickly dismiss this case as a frivolous lawsuit in the same vein as the well-known hot coffee case from a certain fast food chain.

One of the things that makes a wrongful death claim so difficult to understand is the fact that the law can change dramatically from state to state. California is like any other state in that it has its own ideas about the matter and has chosen to classify a suit of this type as being a statutory claim to be tried in a civil action. While a person will hopefully never need to deal with a wrongful death claim in their life, it is certainly important to engage the services of a law firm that understands California laws should the situation ever come up.

End user license agreements from software and online companies may be a slippery snake to hold, but the truth is that these companies are learning fast, especially when it comes to avoiding class action lawsuits. Following last year's Supreme Court decision from the case of AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion, which largely flew under the radar, the door has been thrown wide open for companies to start including clauses that prevent class action suits. In this case, the biggest court in the country found that it was unlawful for a state to ban these clauses from an EULA.

Most of the construction defect and delay claims that hit the headlines usually involve a project owner that is dissatisfied with the performance of a contractor. In some cases, it is the contractor that brings a suit due to the owner not meeting their side of the agreement. As a recent litigation shows, contractors now more than ever need to be aware of the fine print on their contracts and how they may be manifested in a legal setting. The case in question is Plato General Construction v. Dormitory Authority of State of New York.

The Background

One of the most anticipated intellectual property trials has just started and the big standoff between between Apple and Samsung will finally be settled. However, the bigger picture is that this trial, which mainly deals with patent litigation, is essentially a mobile phone war between Apple and Google, the maker of the Android technology – Apple's biggest competitor to their iPhone product. At its heart, this trial and other similar ones with Motorola and other companies will be used to determine which company is the innovator and which one is only following suit.

The common wisdom is that having the latest technology is always preferable, but anyone who has had problems with a bleeding-edge piece of equipment may beg to differ. The truth is that choosing the right technology for court reporting can be similar to walking a fine line and there are several situations where an older, established piece of equipment might be the right tool for the job.


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