With budget cuts and California courts under some of the heaviest pressure they have ever faced, the theme for this year's California Court Reporters Association annual convention is certainly fitting. Called “Relax – Refocus – Revive,” the convention, which is celebrating its 102nd incarnation, has chosen the award-winning Miramonte Resort & Spa in Indian Wells as a perfect setting for court reporters to step away from the tension that has been present in the California legal industry for the past year and focus on networking and learning new skills.

HG Litigation is proud to announce a new partnership with Direct Connections to Africa, an Orange County non-profit organization, that allows us and our clients the opportunity to step up our level of charitable giving. As the name implies, Direct Connections to Africa works tirelessly to bring funds and resources to villages located in the country of Malawi.

Fashion design house Louis Vuitton is making news again, but this time it's not for their latest line of clothing. As part of an ongoing attempt to protect their trademarks and intellectual property from countless knockoff producers that seek to use the Vuitton name for profit, the company was recently involved in two separate lawsuits that ended with very different results. More so than almost any other industry, high fashion suffers heavily from copyright issues and the misuse of their valuable name.

What a nice surprise! The Recorder, a leading online and print legal trade journal and news website has informed us that HG Litigation was selected as one of the top firms in the Best Court Reporting Services category of their esteemed "The Best" survey. Since 2007, The Recorder has made The Best survey an annual tradition, highlighting the best legal businesses in California in a total of 45 various areas of legal expertise. For each category, the top three California legal firms, people, service, or products are given attention and HG Litigation is proud to have made the cut.

The world of enormous social media networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter may be changing the face of how people communicate, but the newly popular technology can also be much more than just a way to keep up with friends. By now, nearly everyone has heard of cases where an accidental post has led to embarrassment or caused problems in a relationship. However, the gravity of using social media goes even further and there can be legal implications attached to what people choose to post on their accounts.

The first Intellectual Property Litigation Conference organized by HG Litigation and HarrisMartin is now in the books and we're proud to say that it was a resounding success. Rounding up some of the most distinguished icons and brightest minds in the IP law, our conference took place at the Dallas Omni Hotel from June 13 to June 15. Exceeding all of our expectations, the events of the conference drew a full house of attendees from every corner of the country and there were plenty of networking opportunities and insightful discussions about relevant IP topics.

For most people, a lawsuit involving the massively popular video streaming service Netflix would imply something to do with copyright infringement for the movies and television shows that are streamed to over 20 million subscribers. However, the company came under fire for a completely different problem recently when it faced a lawsuit for the National Association for the Deaf. The issue at hand was whether Netflix should be required to provide closed-captioning for its online streaming branch of operations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


The rock band Guns N' Roses may not be the first thing that comes to mind when intellectual property law is mentioned, but the group is certainly a case of how incorrect control of intellectual property can lead to serious problems, both from a legal and personal perspective. Like many bands that go through a stratospheric rise in popularity, tension between members ran high and the group called it quits in the mid 1990s.


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