The woes of the California judicial branch continue to grow as courtrooms across the state brace for the implementation of severe budget cuts. One area that has been hit the hardest is San Diego County and the San Diego Superior Court is now up against a harsh reality in the form of the 2012-2013 budget. While the final announcement of funding has yet to be made, estimates place the total loss of operating funds in the neighborhood of $14 million. Furthermore, the loss could extend the following year and amount to $40 million or even more.

For court reporters, one of the largest conventions of the year is fast approaching. The National Court Reporters Association will hold their 2012 Convention and Exposition in Philadelphia from August 8-12. This event brings court reporters, attorneys, and others in the industry together for many different activities, including training workshops, discussions, and a raffle fundraiser that will award a Limited Edition Crystal Diamante writer as a top prize.

Embracing new technology may not be a required skill for attorneys and court employees, but there's no denying that even the most modern of devices like smartphones and iPads have found their way into courtrooms across the country. The main question is whether they are helpful or not and the answer has quickly become a resounding yes. Of all these new technologies that are being used, the one that may have the biggest impact in practice are video depositions.

There's no denying that California is facing some economic hard times, but court employees are feeling an even heavier crunch as Governor Jerry Brown recently unveiled plans to trim an additional $544 million away from the budget of the state's judicial branch. As the Judicial Council works to decide on what cuts will need to be made, many court reporters and other employees within the government branch are starting to fear that they may soon be laid off. The announcement, which came earlier in May, is coming at a time when the California court system is already under heavy strain.

HG Litigation has teamed up with HarrisMartin Publishing to develop a convention that aims to bring together intellectual property law specialists and attorneys from around the country to discuss important issues. From June 13-15, the HarrisMartin Intellectual Property Law Conference will take place at the Omni Dallas Hotel, featuring insightful presentations, roundtable discussions, and other events intended to create a tighter community and union of experts and attorneys to further their understanding and implementation of current intellectual property laws and regulations.


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